We are proud to offer Music classes for our students starting with two year olds all the way through our Middle School. Below you will learn a bit about each level and the exciting curriculum we offer for our Music Program.

Our K2 and K3 classes receive weekly music instruction in the classroom.  The curriculum utilizes fun, short songs as well as vocal plays, movement and instrument exploration to supplement their learning experience.

VPK music classes are offered weekly using a specially designed curriculum which includes:

  • movement
  • playing instruments
  • singing
  • basic music theory
  • a fun learning experience

Overview of General Music classes at TBCA:

K-5  Classes
Music for the K-5 student is something to be felt and experienced with many of the senses. Children clap, dance, march, sway, jump et cet to music they hear.   We play lots of instruments in class and move about a great deal.   There is also a work book which shows them in age appropriate ways the beginning of music theory. 
Do, re, mi is taught with accompanying hand signs. God's world of music in His creation is explored.

Grade 1
The first grader also loves to move and experience music is a very physical way. Opportunity is given to express the music within us through movement to various types of music. Instruments play a big part in music where the child is given time to explore different ways of playing drums and rhythm sticks.

Grade 2  
More time is spent on music theory and reading music with this age. There is also more organized music making with the greater ability of the second grader. Instrument exploration continues and the child becomes more familiar with orchestral literature and the instruments which comprise an orchestra.  This age may be a part of our Academy Mixed Chorus for the first time.

Grade 3
The flutophone (a flute sounding instrument) is used by all the third graders which helps them develop a greater sense of ensemble  and reading music from a staff. More challenging music is sung with the introduction of part singing through musical rounds.  The Academy Mixed Chorus is offered by audition to this age group.

Grade 4
The recorder (a Baroque-17th century instrument) is used by this level with greater emphasis on tuning and playing from a written score. Composers are explored with background given on their lives and the various compositions they wrote. Music theory is provided with more depth as it is revieved and expanded upon  from previous years. The Academy Mixed Chorus is offered by audition to this age group.  

Grade 5
With greater vocal abilities,  more is expected of this class as far as vocal repertoire. Time is spend on sight-singing,  mastery of music theory and  the lives of a number of composers. Choir chimes are played to accompany songs in chapel. Instruments are played with a greater skill in this class to develop a higher degree of what it is like to play in a band or orchestra. Many students participate in the Academy Mixed Chorus at this age.

The Academy Mixed Chorus.
This chorus takes students in grades two through middle school (with unchanged voices) who pass a vocal audition. It runs through the entire school year and sings at the Tampa Bay Christian Academy school programs. The group has also taken an overnight trip for the last several years and gone to a theme park. More challenging music  is learned by this group than in the music classes. Repertoire consists of classical to spirituals to lighter contemporary secular pieces and the group sings in several different languages on a typical program. They have appeared at the Young Voices Festival along with several hundred other students and sung on the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center stage a number of times.